There are several types of monumental buildings: One that draws attention, one that draws people towards it, one that remains in people’s memory for a very long time. We cannot say that either one of them is the best among them. If the building is built to draw people’s attention and it does, then it is a great building; this could be of a building owned by a corporate which needs to attract attention. If the architect’s purpose was to actually make people want to physically be involved with the building and he succeeds to do so, then he has created a great building; this could be a shopping center which was built to gather as many people as possible. If there is a building that was meant to be remembered by many people for a very long time and it does, then it is a great building; this could be a monumental building like a memorial park. The building that best serves the purpose of its construction is the greatest building.

There may be a building that encompasses all of the three features listed above. A building with such qualities may be a house built for residential purposes. A beautiful house draws attention of a person walking by it. A cozy and comfortable house draws its inhabitants; they wouldn’t be able to wait to get back home after work or after school. A well designed house will please its guests; they’ll remember their delightful visit to the house for a decent amount of time.

Designing a building with certain purposes may be difficult especially when there are more than one purpose to be served at once. Most types of buildings such as restaurants, schools, hotels, museums, offices, and temples usually serve only one or at most three purposes at once. Museums and restaurants would not have to provide a place for sleeping, offices would not have to provide a place to eat, and hotels would not have to provide a place to learn. A house or a residential building in contrast would have to serve for many purposes; it has to provide sleeping areas, eating and cooking areas, learning areas for kids, entertaining areas, and even fitness areas. Houses have to serve for any purposes that its owner wishes them to. A house may have a private theater, a swimming pool, a study, a studio, a dress room, a carpenter shop, a garage, a basketball court, a bar, an office, a playground or even a barn. House is the most dynamic and complex type of building for it needs to provide so many things to its residences from life essential things to other extra things that are just needed to please its owner. This is what makes designing a house the most exciting task than designing any other types of buildings. It has so many aspects into it enabling the designer to alter and place them in so many different ways leading to numerous possible variations.

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