I took a day off from work and visited a museum near by. The museum was actually a part of Seoul Arts Center, a huge art exhibition and performance complex.

I chose two of the exhibitions there – Sandro Chia, an Italian transavangarde and postmodernist and Antoni Gaudi special exhibition – and enjoyed my three hours of artistic deluge.

I wasn’t that impressed nor touched with most of Chia’s works, but few of his works surely did impact me; I was able to come up with some abstract sculptures related to forests. In contrast, Gaudi exhibition was spectacular. I most definitely loved the program. I was able to see the very sketches that Antoni Gaudi made and some of his furnitures and sculptures as well as the doors of Casa Batllo. Some models of his works were in great detail demonstrating Gaudi’s intents and thinking process. I wasn’t able to get any shots inside the exhibition even though I saw quite a few others daring enough to take multiples shots of the exhibition.

Gaudi in some sense has been my role model in that I also was interested in sculpture and furniture design- even going into the details such as door knobs and coat hangers. I also suffered and still is suffering from the same illness that Gaudi had to suffer in his childhood, rheumatism. He was the first architect that I got to learn about as a child and has inspired and led me to this day. Although I moved on to other more various types of architecture now, but he will always be my idol and role model.

I remember one phrase that was exhibited – I do not dream while I sleep because I dream when I am awake. I most definitely agree with this. I also tend to go into dream-like state when designing most of my works, especially in the early stages. A strong inspiration usually leads into deeper and more vivid and dream-like state which enables nearly natural and effortless designing process. Dreams are definitely the key to designing. An artist should be able to control his dream and alter and manipulate it to fit his purpose. There also may be times when one should restrict the ‘dream’ to keep the originality of the initial inspiration lest one should deviate too greatly from the most raw and deep images from the deepest of one’s heart and mind.


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