I like night.

There are two reasons.

It covers up some aspects of the place or an environment that when seen clearly as seen in the day, ruin the coordination and the harmony of the place. Some places are better seen in a more abstract way than seen accurately and clearly.

Night brings up the new aspects of a building and other objects. Interestingly, more sources of light shines the place at night than at day. Lights are turned on to brighten certain parts of the building – in contrast to the day when nearly every parts of the building are lit with light without meticulous consideration of the place; chaos of lighting generated by the nature. So when lightings are carefully installed and manipulated to emphasize certain parts of an object or a building, a whole new aspect and beauty can be brought up.

Though pretty obvious, in most of the places, even our most meticulous planning of lighting cannot emulate that of the nature.


IMG_3845 IMG_3838 IMG_3849 IMG_3843-0 IMG_3570 IMG_3843 FullSizeRender

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