This is my latest work that I’ve been working on since the beginning of this sumemer. I’ve had few renderings of the house that are finished.

I’ve got an inspiration of this house when I visited Korea for a week to take my AP exams. Near my test center was a festival celebrating the birth of Buhdda which was my grandmother’s anniversary. Although I’ve never met her since she passed away before I did, I felt a little melancholy about people celebrating that day. The festival was actually a lantern festival and that part of Seoul along with several other places were decorated with countless lanterns. I walked along the walls of a mideival palace where lanterns hung along the rode. As I walked I was struck with an image and finished designing as I walked the street and on my way back to the hotel.

I again listened to Kim Dongryul and Louis Armstrong’s songs.

lantern9 AutoSave_AutoSave_AutoSave_lantern2_1 FullSizeRender lantern LANTERN2 lantern3 lantern4 lantern5 lantern6 lantern7 lantern8

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