Senses can merge.

Some architects, along with other types of artists, derive their inspiration from the works of other artists, whether it be architecture or another form of art: writings, paintings, music or even sculpture. Frank Gehry for example, is known to derive inspirations from paintings.

I have an abnormally sensitive ear; this may be the reason I mainly extract inspirations from music.

I listen to a certain song or songs of a certain artist when working on each designs. The melodies, beats and the color of the song effect both me and my designs.

One of my favorite author, Bernard Werber, also states at the indexes the songs that he listened to while writing his books. Werber says that the music – or the sound waves – stimulate person’s brain and effects his thoughts, feelings, and eventually inspirations and creative thoughts.

Below is an artist that I think his works are great stimulants of inspiration – at least for me.

Kim Dongryul

Other artists I listen to are

Louis Armstrong


picturesque layout picturesque detail

I had an inspiration that triggered this gallery while I was reading a book and listening to music in my room. I saw a stair case going down and behind it was a triangular sunken plaza of some sort. Images quickly expanded to form two more stories and eventually the whole building and its environment.

4th 3rd 1st 23rd 18th 16th 15th 13th 11th 12th 9th 7th

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